Past reading projects

Fall 2016

Mentee: Christopher Audretsch
Mentor: Kin Wai Chan
Subject: The Prime Number Theorem
Book: Introduction to Analytic Number Theory by Tom M. Apostol
Final presentation slides

Mentee: Taylor Ball
Mentor: Ryan Vitale
Subject: Rings of Invariants
Book: The Symmetric Group: Representations, Combinatorial Algorithms, and Symmetric Functions by Bruce E. Sagan

Mentee: Anthony Coniglio
Mentor: Anthony Conway
Subject: Computing Lower Bounds for the Splitting Number of Links
Book: An Introduction to Knot Theory by W.B. Raymond Lickorish

Mentee: William Hargis
Mentor: Xuqiang Qin
Subject: Introduction to Representation Theory
Book: Linear Representations of Finite Groups by Jean-Pierre Serre
Final presentation slides

Mentee: Cally McGee
Mentor: Josh Edge
Subject: Graph Theory and the Bridges of Königsberg
Book: Combinatorics and Graph Theory by John M. Harris, Jeffry L. Hirst and Michael J. Mossinghoff

Spring 2016

Mentee: Evgueni Alexeev
Mentor: Calvin Woo
Subject: Differential forms on smooth manifolds, with applications
Book: Geometry of Differential Forms by Shigeyuki Morita

Mentee: Elizabeth Duteau
Mentor: Pawan Patel
Subject: How Markov chains revolutionized the way we surf the web
Book: Markov Chains: Gibbs Fields, Monte Carlo Simulation, and Queues by Pierre Bremaud

Mentee: Zachary Hay
Mentor: Maxime Scott
Subject: Showing the equivalence of the hypothesis of cardinal comparability and the axiom of choice
Book: Notes on Set Theory by Yiannis Moschovakis

Mentee: Sam McKay
Mentor: Patrick Haggerty
Subject: Hyperbolic geometry in knot theory
Books: Knots and Links by Dale Rolfsen
The Knot Book by Colin Adams

Mentee: Andrew Vander Werf
Mentor: David Sprunger
Subject: A look at hyperreals
Book: Lectures on the Hyperreals by Robert Goldblatt