Career Preparation

Mathematicians are in demand

Mathematicians are known as creative and disciplined analytical thinkers who bring value to many areas of business, industry, government, finance, insurance, and education. Earning a Math degree helps you develop skills in reasoning, modeling, and problem solving. You also learn to communicate with clarity and precision.

Our undergraduate students gain transferable skills applicable to a wide range of careers. They are also well prepared to go on to graduate or professional school. Our graduate students delve deeper into high-level math, anticipating careers in statistics, medicine, law, the natural sciences, education, or mathematical research.

Where do our students go after college?

Mathematics undergraduates are valued by many different industries. Here are some examples of fields our recent graduates have entered after college.

Point of entry for many careers

Besides these general professional categories, other recent IUB Math grads have gone on to join the Air Force, the Peace Corps, and other government and NGO organizations. They found jobs with startups and non-profits, in the aerospace industry, teaching dance, and in publishing.

Still others continue their education in graduate programs in mathematics, medicine, statistics, quantitative finance, financial engineering, and many others fields.