Tutor & Grader Job Positions

Work as a tutor or grader in Math

Undergraduate instructors (UGI) assist with Math classes and serve as tutors. Undergraduate graders (UGG) grade homework and quizzes for specific Math classes. These positions are available to enrolled undergraduate students at Indiana University.

To apply for a position as an undergraduate instructor (UGI) or undergraduate grader (UGG), you must be an undergraduate Math major or have a strong math background. It is preferable that you have taken M301 or M303 and M311. At a minimum, you must have taken M211 and M212, or the equivalent, with very good grades.    We do need UGIs to assist M118 sections. If you have done well in your M118 classes, you are welcome to apply for a math UGI as well.

Although the position is for one semester, there is no defined limit to the number of semesters you can work.

UGI assignments

UGIs work about 8-10 hours per week assisting Finite Mathematics (D116, D117, M118, V118), Brief Calculus I (M119), or Basic Algebra (M018).

Finite Mathematics or Brief Calculus I

UGIs help distribute materials, quizzes, and exams in class. They help grade quizzes and multiple-choice exams and answer questions and solve problems during help sessions. Everyone assisting M118 or M119 is required to conduct one 2-hour departmental help session each week. Some instructors expect their UGI to attend all classes.

For a Finite Mathematics assignment, knowledge of elementary probability (M365 or M463) and linear algebra (M301 or M303) is preferred.

For a Brief Calculus assignment, the UGI needs at least two semesters of calculus (M211 and M212). Familiarity with a graphing calculator is desirable.

Basic Algebra

UGIs tutor students in algebra, precalculus, and finite in the Math Learning Center, Swain East 340. Experience with Finite Mathematics is highly desirable.

UGG assignments


UGGs average about 5-8 hours per week grading homework and quizzes for Precalculus with Trigonometry (M127), Introduction to College Mathematics J111 & J112, and Introduction to Calculus with Applications J113.  All grading is done from home; no classroom duties or office hours/help sessions are required.

Application process for UGI and UGG positions

New applicants are expected to submit one letter of recommendation from a member of the Mathematics faculty, an unofficial transcript, and the department’s application form. Re-hires need only submit a new application form. Graduate students are not eligible to apply.

For the Fall semester, applications should be submitted by the last day of Spring Term (before Final’s Week).

For the Spring semester, applications should be submitted before Thanksgiving break. There are no UGG/UGI positions available in the summer.

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