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    Director of the Graduate Program
        Michael Mandell
        (812) 855-2645


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    Graduate Secretary
        Kate Forrest
        (812) 855-2645
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  • Degree Requirements

    Graduate Credit Courses

    Most courses numbered 400 and above are designated graduate courses in the Department of Mathematics and carry graduate credit. Note that graduate students must register for the "M," as opposed to "S," sections, when available, to receive this credit (for instance, M403 instead of S403). The following 400-level courses, however, do not carry credit toward the M.A. or Ph.D. requirements; they do count toward M.A.T. requirements: T403-T404, M405, M415, M420, M436, M447-M448, and M481. M409 will not count toward distribution requirements for the M.A. or Ph.D.

    Consult the Graduate School Bulletin for listings of graduate-credit courses in other departments. Several 300-level courses in Computer Science do carry graduate credit for graduate students outside that department.


    Graduate students are expected to maintain a B=3.0 grade-point average (GPA) in graduate course work. In general, language courses and other courses irrelevant to graduate work (e.g., swimming, ballet,...) do not count toward determining the GPA. If a student's GPA does fall below 3.0, the Graduate School will put that student on academic probation, and give him or her one semester to bring the average up to 3.0.

    Any course in which one makes a grade less than C = 2.0 will not count toward a degree, but will figure into the GPA.

    Transfer of Course Credit from Other Universities

    Credit for graduate courses may be transferred to Indiana University. You must have received at least a B in each course you wish to transfer. If the graduate course was taken while you were an undergraduate you must prove that it was not applied toward your undergraduate degree.

    A maximum of 8 credit hours may be transferred for the M.A. or M.A.T. degree from a previous institution; up to 30 credit hours may be applied toward the Ph.D. degree.

    For the M.A. degree each transfer course must be completed no more than 5 years prior to the awarding of the degree; for the Ph.D. degree, transfer courses must be completed no more than 7 years prior to the date of passing the departmental qualifying examinations.

    To initiate a transfer of credit, consult the Director of Graduate Studies, who must support your request and submit it to the Graduate School for final approval. Transferred courses do not count toward any distribution requirements unless specifically authorized by the Director of Graduate Studies.

  • Resources for typesetting PhD theses

    IU Thesis Document Class

    The iuthesis document class is a LaTeX document class that produces output acceptable (as of Summer 2013) for an Indiana University Bloomington Masters or Doctoral thesis. It is available free for anybody's use, but comes with NO WARRANTY. In particular, the author is not responsible if it produces output that is not acceptable to the graduate school. This document class is not officially sanctioned by the University Graduate School, although several theses have been written with it and accepted.

    Per the University Graduate School information page on thesis formatting, the template font in the sample is not the correct size – Throughout the dissertation, only size 11 or 12 point font should be used with the only exceptions being the title on the title page and any footnotes. The title, only, on the title page may be as large as 16 point font while footnotes can be no smaller than 10 point. All other font must be size 11 or 12 point font. This requirement includes all content including section and chapter headings. In addition, the Acceptance and Abstract pages are slightly different – official formatting should have lines for the committee signatures.

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