Calculus Exemption Exams

Calculus Placement and Exemption Exams

Orientation Calculus Placement Exam


Incoming freshmen and transfer students who already possess strong Calculus skills but do not have credit for Calculus can take a Calculus Placement Exam. If one scores between 20-24 on this exam one can obtain credit for one semester of Calculus, Math-M211 for 4 credit hours and confidently continue studying mathematics at a more advanced level.

Eligible students may complete the Calculus Placement Exam online before attending New Student Orientation. You may contact the Office of First Year Experiences to find out more information about when and how to take the exam. The proctored Calculus Placement Exam cannot be repeated. 

Students planning to take the exam during Welcome Week prior to the start of the Fall semester are strongly encouraged to take the sample exam linked below at home prior to attending new student orientation. Please be prepared to discuss your experience taking the sample exam with your academic advisor during new student orientation. You may self report your sample exam score when requesting a permission to add Calculus 2 (MATH-M 212 or S 212) using this permission webform.

Download a sample exam Sample exam answer key