Requirements of the Interdepartmental Major in Math & Economics

Requirements of the Interdepartmental Major in Math and Economics

The interdepartmental major in Mathematics and Economics is designed to enable students to model economic questions mathematically and to analyze and solve those models.

You should meet with the academic advisor to discuss general education and other requirements for the degree program. Students who started at IUB during or after summer 2011 also must complete campus wide general education requirements.

Major Requirements

Any course may be replaced by the honors equivalent.

Economics: E201, E202, E321, E322, and at least three courses numbered above E322, including at least one at the 400 level. E370, E496, and Y398 cannot be used to meet this requirement.

Mathematics: M211-M212, or M213, M301 or M303, M311, and at least two courses, including one at the 400 level, from one of the following mathematics areas: analysis (M312, M413, M414, M415, M420); differential equations (M343, M344, M441, M442); applied mathematics (M371, M447, M448, M451, M471, M472); or probability and statistics (M463, M464, M466).

Statistics: Economics E370 or Mathematics M365.