Internship, Gradership, and PASS Tutor Application


Applicants must be enrolled undergraduate students at Indiana University; graduate students are not eligible. Applicants must be math majors or have a strong math background, preferable including M301 or M303 and M311. At a minimum, applicants must have taken M211 and M212, or the equivalent, with very good grades.


UGI’s and PASS tutors may spend up to 8-10 hours per week assisting for an undergraduate math course, UGG’s may spend up to 5-8 hours per week grading for an undergraduate math course: job descriptions.


The position is for one semester; however, there is no limit to the number of semesters a person may work for the department.


Interns earn $14.00 per hour and Graders earn $12.50 per hour. PASS tutors are hired by the PASS program and not by the Department of Mathematics. First time PASS tutors receive course credit for COLL-X371 in place of remuneration. Experienced PASS tutors received remuneration at the usual Department of Mathematics UGI rate.

Selection Criteria

Amount and level of mathematics studied, major, performance in mathematics courses, and teaching/tutoring experience.

UGI Assignments

M118 (Finite Mathematics) and M119 (Brief Survey of Calculus) UGI distributes materials, quizzes, and exams in class, and grades quizzes and multiple-choice exams. During help sessions, they answer questions and assist students in solving problems. Some instructors expect the UGI to attend all classes.

  • For an M118 assignment, knowledge of elementary probability and linear algebra is essential.
  • For an M119 assignment the UGI needs at least two semesters of calculus; familiarity with a graphing calculator is desirable.
  • M014 (Basic Algebra): UGI tutors students in algebra, pre-calculus, trigonometry, and finite. Experience with M118 or equivalent is highly desirable.
PASS Tutors

The PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) program offers small-group peer-led study sessions for select courses. Peer tutors for D116, D117, and M211 employed by this program attend class with the students they are assigned to help. They also run two guided study sessions weekly with guidance from PASS administrators. In mathematics, this involves helping students work in small groups to complete department provided activities designed to help students learn mathematics content.