Bloomington Geometry Workshop

The Bloomington Geometry Workshop
& BGW Problem List
Indiana University, Bloomington

The Workshops:

The geometry group of the Indiana University Math Department hosts an annual weekend gathering to promote scientific cooperation and a sense of community among the many geometers in the midwest region. Each workshop features a half-dozen high-quality talks on a broad range topics of current interest. Participants are afforded ample time and space opportunity for informal interaction.

Current Workshop:

Past workshops:

The Problem List:

At the 2002 workshop we initiated a Problem List by holding a problem session open to all participants.

Our aim is to maintain this list in an updatable form, and to add to it each year. We encourage all members of the geometry community to ponder this list, advise us on it, propose additional problems, and of course, to work on those that currently appear. 

Please share any comments, suggestions, progress, or relevant information with the list editors, Chris Judge and/or Bruce Solomon. We will also consider proposals for additional problems.