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2013 Speakers, Titles and Abstracts

Woodburn Hall (WH) 104

  • 10:00-10:25 
    Collateral Circulation Following Acute Arterial Occlusion: A Theoretical Model of Blood Flow Compensation in the Lower Extremities
    Julia Arciero,
    Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis 
    Ava S.K. Greenwood,
    Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and University of Hawaii at Hilo 
     Joseph Unthank,
    Indiana University School of Medicine

  • 10:35-11:00 
    EEG Time Series Analysis and Functional Connectivity Network Measures of TD and ASD Youths 
    Erik Bates,
    Indiana University and Michigan State University 
     Katherine Coppess,
    Indiana University and University of Michigan
    Benjamin Seitzman,
    Indiana University

  • 11:10-11:35
    Drawing Planar Graphs via Dessins d'Enfants
    Kevin Re'nard Bowman, Jr.,
    Purdue University and Morehouse College
    Sheena Chandrasekharan,
    Purdue University 
     Anji Li ,
    Purdue University
    Amanda Marie Llewellyn,
    Purdue University and Harvey Mudd College

  • 11:45-12:10 
    Robust Methods for Determining Order Parameters in Microtubule Cytoskeletal Arrays
    Allison Brumfield,
    Indiana University and St. Olaf College 

  • 1:45-2:10 
    Strategy Evolution for Cooperation Games
    Andrew Clemens,
    Goshen College

  • 2:20-2:45 
    Generalized cyclotomy for finding supplementary difference sets
    Yancy Liao,
    Indiana University and The Pennsylvania State University 

  • 2:55-3:20 
    The Effects of Bloc Formation on Relative Power in Weighted Voting Games
    Peter Schrock,
    Goshen College 

Woodburn Hall (WH) 109

  • 10:00-10:25 
    Numerical Simulation of Delay Differential Equations via PSM
    Dustin Lehmkuhl,
    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 

  • 10:35-11:00 
    On the Classification of size 24 Hadamard Matrices
    Wade Bloomquist,
    Indiana University and University of Iowa 

  • 11:10-11:35
    A Mathematical Study of Amphetamine-Induced Temperature Disregulation
    Maire Kelley,
    Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and University of St. Thomas-Houston 
    Yaroslav Molkov,
    Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
    Dmitry Zaretsky,
    Indiana University School of Medicine

  • 11:45-12:10 
    Smooth Strictly Convex Billiards are Generically Insecure
    Tom Dauer,
    Indiana University 

  • 1:45-2:10 
    Implementing Methods in Algebraic Graph Theory in Macaulay2
    Jack Burkart,
    University of Notre Dame 
     Caroline Jansen,
    University of Notre Dame

  • 2:20-2:45 
    Complex Dynamics and the Smale Mean Value Conjecture for quartic polynomials
    Nicholas Miller ,
    Indiana University and University of Missouri - Columbia 
     Max Zhou,
    Indiana University

  • 2:55-3:20 
    Using mathematics to investigate the role of integrin activation in cell migration
    Lauren Lembcke,
    Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 

Woodburn Hall (WH) 111

  • 10:00-10:25 
    4-equitable Tree Labeling
    Zena Coles,
    Valparaiso University and Bard College 
     Alana Huszar,
    Valparaiso University and The College of New Jersey
    Jared Miller,
    Valparaiso University and Bob Jones University

  • 10:35-11:00 
    Prime Factors of K@aacute;szonyi Numbers
    Ariana Cappon,
    Indiana University 
     Emily Walther,
    Indiana University and Westminster College

  • 11:10-11:35
    Mathematical Modeling in Ecology: What Killed the Mammoth?
    Michael Frank,
    Valparaiso University and Simpson College 
     Anneliese Slaton,
    Valparaiso University and Mary Baldwin College
    Teresa Tinta,
    Valparaiso University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore 

  • 11:45-12:10 
    Topological bound states in one-dimensional tight binding Hamiltonians
    Marvin Q. Jones,
    Indiana University and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University 

  • 1:45-2:10 
    Associating Finite Groups with Dessins d'Enfants
    Katrina Elizabeth Eidolon,
    Purdue University and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
    David Heras,
    Purdue University and William and Mary College 
     Ahmed Tadde,
    Purdue University and Howard University
    Yuan Feng,
    Purdue University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

  • 2:20-2:45 
    The classification of critically fixed rational functions
    Nicholas Nuechterlein,
    Indiana University and University of Michigan 
     Samantha Pinella,
    Indiana University and University of Edinburgh

  • 2:55-3:20 
    Estimating the Volatility in the Black-Scholes Formula
    Rebecca Keenan,
    Valparaiso University and Eastern Connecticut State University 
     Rachel Lane,
    Valparaiso University and Concordia College
    Josh Matti,
    Valparaiso University and Indiana Wesleyan University