Math Transfer Course Information

Math Transfer Course Evaluations (this process may take up to 4-6 weeks):

Students who have taken a Math course at another institution in the US or abroad may have the course evaluated by the Department of Mathematics to determine if it is equivalent to a Math course at IU Bloomington. Also, students who plan to take a course at another institution in a future semester to transfer back to IUB may have that course pre-approved. Students must first check the Credit Transfer Service to see if the course in question has been previously approved as an equivalent course at IUB. If the course appears with an IUB equivalent in the Credit Transfer Service, then the student should print the CTS page showing the equivalent and keep that page as a record until the course has successfully transferred. If the course does not appear on the CTS website or appears as undistributed credit hours, then the student must submit official course materials to the Math department to have it evaluated. These course materials must include a syllabus, including the title of the textbook used, all topics and chapters covered, and the course pre-requisite. Class notes and a sample exam are preferred, but not required. Please utilize the online form  Math transfer course evaluation form, or print the hardcopy version to attach to official course materials. This process may take several weeks. Please contact the Math advisor, Liz Smith with additional questions.

Students must check with the IUB Office of Admissions or International Admissions to ensure that the transfer course comes from an accredited institution and to confirm the number of credit hours earned and the conversion to IUB credit hours. The Department of Mathematics only determines the content equivalency and does not determine if the credit hours will transfer or the credit hour conversion. Also, coursework at other institutions must be completed with a solid C grade to transfer to IU Bloomington. Transfer work completed at other institutions with a C- or below will not be accepted for transfer by the IUB Office of Admissions. Students should not rely on advice from individuals at other institutions about what courses will or will not transfer to IUB.

IU Intercampus Transfer Equivalencies:

Students should contact the Math advisor, Liz Smith, and the appropriate major advisor to ensure that Math courses taken at other IU campuses will fulfill the desired requirement at IUB. For information about how to enroll as a visiting student on another IU campus, please see: . Students must contact the math department at the other campus to ensure they have met all prerequisites and placement guidelines on the other campus. Other IU campuses may not honor math placement guidelines from IUB. Students taking courses at IPFW should check with that campus to ensure that they are enrolled as an IU visiting student and not as a Purdue student.

Course pre-requisites at other institutions or IU campuses:

Students needing to demonstrate pre-requisite knowledge to enroll in a Math course at another institution or IU campus may contact Linda McKinley in the Department of Mathematics for a memo confirming and interpreting an IUB MSA score, an ALEKS placement score, or pre-requisite course. However, the Department of Mathematics at IU Bloomington can only provide evidence of placement recommendations given at IUB and cannot guarantee that other institutions or campuses will allow enrollment without their own pre-requisite or placement exam.