Minor in Mathematics

Requirements: Students must complete at least 16 credit hours that include M212, S212, or M213 as well as at least three MATH-M, T, or S courses at the 300 or 400 level. The average grade must be at least 2.000 with no grade lower than C-. Courses selected for the minor must be approved by the director of undergraduate studies. This minor requires a certain number of hours earned on the IU Bloomington campus. For information on minor residency hours, ask the math advisor or see the College bulletin .

Recommendations: M365 is recommended for business and social science majors. M371 is recommended for computer science majors. M311, M312, and M343 are recommended for physics majors. M311 and M343 are recommended for chemistry majors. M311 and M365 are recommended for biology majors.

Notes: Math-M211 can count in the 16 credit hours required for the minor. Courses outside of the Department of Mathematics and courses such as Math-K310, Math-M118 and Math-M120 will NOT count in the math minor. Please consult an academic advisor if you already have credit for Math-M119.

APPLY for a minor in Mathematics