Calculus Placement and Exemption Exams

Orientation Calculus Placement Exam:

Incoming freshmen and transfer students who already possess strong Calculus skills but do not have credit for Calculus can take a Calculus Placement Exam. If one scores between 20-24 on this exam one can obtain credit for one semester of Calculus, Math-M211 for 4 credit hours and confidently continue studying mathematics at a more advanced level.

The Calculus Placement exam is administered during summer freshman orientation and during transfer orientation in summer and early fall. Students may contact the Office of First Year Experiences or Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing to find out more information about when and where to take the exam. The Calculus Placement exam cannot be repeated.

A sample Calculus placement exam can be downloaded here.

Department of Mathematics Exemption exams:

The Department of Mathematics offers exemption exams which award credit by examination for the following courses: Math-M118 (3 hrs), Math-M119 (3 hrs), Math-M211 (4 hrs) and Math-M212 (4 hrs). These exams are offered by the department twice a year during finals week in December and May. For upcoming dates and times please see the final exam schedule . Students must sign up at least a full week before the end of classes by paying a nominal fee, approximately $7.50, at the Office of the Bursar, Poplars Building W100, 400 E. 7th. Then, students bring their receipt to Rawles Hall 115 to register for the exam and pick up a course syllabus. On the day of the exam each student must present a picture ID and copy of the Bursar receipt. Students will receive test credit with a grade of S for Satisfactory if they earn at least a solid B on the exam. No credit will be given for grades of B- or lower. The departmental exemption exams can be retaken.

Students should be aware that they cannot earn credit hours towards graduation for both Math-M119 and Math-M211. Also, full-time students earning credit by examination through either the Calculus Placement exam or the Department of Mathematics exemption exam do not pay additional tuition. Part-time students or students not currently enrolled at IU Bloomington must pay full tuition and fees for any test credit.

If you have further questions, please contact your academic advisor, or the Mathematics Advisor and Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs, Liz Smith, at 812-855-1589.