Math Learning Center (pre)

Math Learning Center (pre)

Swain East 340 (pre)

The Math Learning Center offers tutoring services on a walk-in basis—no appointment is necessary.

The MLC provides a group tutoring experience in order to provide quality math instruction. You are asked to work together with other students taking the same Math course. Tutors assist the groups and individual students with their questions by giving hints and guiding students towards the correct solution. Working in small groups with your peers is an effective way to learn. By combining this with a tutoring experience, the MLC encourages students to develop their group learning skills.

When you visit the MLC you will be asked to sign the visitor's book. Be sure to print your name and include your math course number, instructor's name, and the time of your visit. Some instructors use this information to determine extra credit. It also helps the MLC monitor and improve its services. 

This semester we are privileged to have a staff of nine very knowledgeable undergraduate students. There will usually be two tutors available to help students with their questions. 

Math Learning Center schedule


During the fall and spring semesters the Math Learning Center only assists students in the following math classes: M014, M018, M019, M025, M027, M118, D116, D117, M119, J111, J112, J113, T101, and T103.  Students taking other math classes should ask their instructor about tutoring and other options. 

The MLC will be open 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, starting the Monday of the second week of classes, and ending the Friday of the last week of classes.

The MLC is not open during Final Exam weeks, and will be closed during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Spring Break, as well as on Labor day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

During the summer sessions the MLC assists students taking practically any undergraduate course taught by the Mathematics department.

For the first six-week session, we will be open 10 am through 5 pm, Monday through Friday, beginning on the first day of the session. For the second six-week session, we will be open 10 am through 5 pm, Monday through Friday, beginning on the first day of the session.

We will be closed on Memorial day, and Independence day.