Professor Emeritus Eric Bedford Awarded the 2015 Stefan Bergman Prize


Eric Bedford and Jean-Pierre Demailly were awarded the 2015 Stefan Bergman Prize.

From Eric's citation: "Eric Bedford is well-known for his many fundamental contributions to Several Complex Variables, Pluripotential Theory and Complex Dynamics. More spec cally, he is recognized for his pioneering works with A. Taylor on generalized solutions for the complex Monge-Ampere equations and the corresponding theory of capacity; his works with John E. Fornaess on the construction of peak functions; his works with B. Gaveau and W. Klingenberg on the precise description of the holomorphic hull of a Bishop two-sphere; and his works with J. Smillie et al. on complex dynamics in several variables. His influence on the whole subject has been deep and wide ranging."

About the Stephan Bergman Prize from "The Bergman Prize honors the memory of Stefan Bergman, best known for his research in several complex variables, as well as the Bergman projection and the Bergman kernel function that bear his name. Awards are made every year or two in: 1) the theory of the kernel function and its applications in real and complex analysis; or 2) function-theoretic methods in the theory of partial differential equations of elliptic type with attention to Bergman's operator method."