Noah Snyder wins prestigious NSF CAREER Award

Noah Snyder, assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences

Noah Snyder will begin receiving more than $455,000 over five years to advance the study of quantum groups and subfactors, a form of theoretical mathematics with potential applications in areas such as physics and quantum computing. In addition to advancing knowledge in the field, Snyder’s grant will support the development of new curriculum based on his work -- which employs a technique known as higher dimensional algebra -- for high school students at Canada/USA Mathcamp, an elite mathematics summer program.

The grant will also fund dissertation fellowships for graduate students with an established record of extraordinary education and outreach in mathematics, with a strong emphasis on underrepresented groups, as well as support undergraduate research and the establishment of a math club for mathematics education majors at IU Bloomington.

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