Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Most graduate students studying mathematics receive support from the University via either a fellowship, an Associate Instructorship,or a Graduate Assistantship. A student with a fellowship has no work responsibilities. An Associate Instructor (AI) will either teach undergraduates directly or assist in teaching. A Graduate Assistant (GA) aids instruction by grading homework and exams. Both AIs and GAs work up to 16 hours per week while classes are in session during the Spring and Fall semesters. Please click Conditions for Financial Support for rules concerning Associate Instructorships and Graduate Assistantships.

Native speakers of English and international students who have passed the Test of English Proficiency for International Associate Instructor Candidates (TEPAIC) may become Associate Instructors. Associate Instructors receive a higher stipend than Graduate Assistants because they have direct contact with undergraduates. Please click Requirements for Foreign Associate Instructors for more information concerning exams that international students must take to demonstrate competency in English.

Tuition is remitted for Associate Instructors, Graduate Assistants, and most students receiving fellowships.

Each applicant to the program will be considered simultaneously for admission as a student and for financial support in the form of either a fellowship, an Associate Instructorship, or a Graduate Assistantship.

 Conditions for Financial Support
 Requirements for Foreign Associate Instructors