Financial Assistance

Conditions for Financial Support

The following conditions apply to all forms of financial support provided by the University through the Department of Mathematics including fellowships, Graduate Assistantships, Associate Instructorships, and fee scholarships.

(i) The student's grade point average in Indiana University coursework must not fall below 3.20.

(ii) The student must complete at least 9 credit hours per semester, including at least 6 credit hours courses in Mathematics at the graduate level. (See Graduate Courses for a list of courses.)

(iii) The support of each graduate student in the Master's degree program will last for no more than 2 years. 
(Some Masters degree students are later admitted to the PhD program based on an record of academic excellence. Such students normally receive a continuation of support.)

(iv) The support of a Ph.D. degree student who is making appropriate progress will be renewed each year without special permission for a total of at most 6 years of support.

(v) Students in the Ph.D. program must pass their Tier 1 exams in undergraduate Algebra and Analysis by the deadlines specified in their acceptance letter. The Department of Mathematics administers these exams during the week prior to the start of each semester.Entering students are strongly encouraged to study for this exam before they arrive in Bloomington. Past exams as well as syllabi are available online:  Past Tier I Exams.
(vii) Ph.D. students must pass their Tier 2 committee review by the end of their second year.

(viii) Ph.D. students must pass their Tier 3 oral exam by the end of their third year.

(ix)  Ph.D. students whose native language is not English must pass the TEPAIC exam by the end of their second year.

(vi) Ph.D. students must complete the Graduate School requirement of 90 hours of coursework and all 
requirements for Ph.D. Candidacy by the end of their 5th year. (On completing the 90-hour and candidacy requirements, students may enroll in G901 for a very small flat fee and no fee scholarship is needed.)

(vii)  If the student is supported by a Graduate Assistantship or an Associate Instructorship, then the student's work performance must meet departmental standards for responsibility, dependability, punctuality, and respect.

Violation of any of the conditions above may result in cancellation of support.