Tier 1: Comprehensive written examinations

Each PhD student will take a 2-part written exam on 400-level Analysis and Algebra; 4 hours are allotted for the completion of these written exams. These exams will be given the week before classes begin in the fall and in the spring. New students may take either or both of the Tier-1 exams in August when they first arrive. A student is allowed to try each exam each time it is offered, but s/he must pass both exams prior to the end of the second year of study. Students pursuing a Master's Degree are not required to take the Tier 1 exams.

An archive of past Tier 1 exams can be found here .

A student may not take M800 before he or she passes the Tier 1 exams, except during summer terms. Exceptions to this rule may be granted with the permission of the Director of Graduate Studies.