Salaries Election - Associate or Full Professor - Run-Off

Hari Bercovici, Mike Jolly, Ayelet Lindenstrauss, and Kevin Zumbrun are continuing members of the Personnel Committee. There will be no Personnel election this year. Norm Levenberg is the continuing member of the salaries committee. Mihai Ciucu and Matthias Strauch are rotating off the Salaries Committee. Jim Davis has just been elected into the Full Professor slot for next year's salaries committee.

The salaries committee consists of three faculty members at the Associate Professor level or higher, one of whom must be an Associate Professor and one of whom must be a Full Professor. This is the first round to select the Associate or Full Professor for the Salaries Committee.

Associate and Full Professors other than any rotating off the Salaries Committee or newly elected to it who are not on sabbatical next Spring and who have not accepted positions elsewhere, tendered resignations, or received notice of non-reappointment are included on the list below, except for the Chair. Recall that next year Jee Koh is the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Mike Mandell is the Director of Graduate Studies, Bruce Solomon is Associate Chair, and Kevin Pilgrim is Alumni Liaison.

Ballots are due on Wednesday, May 3 at 5 pm.